Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is my post for Day 7 of the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge.

15 habits of great writers day 7 start

"The challenge

Everything starts ugly. You have to start. Make something ugly. And leave it ugly (temporarily). Be okay with it. Then share it with a few people you trust (feel free to use the comments here, if you like) and look for feedback. Find stuff you can improve and slowly move it towards beautiful."

Starting with something ugly. Hmmm. Yah, I'm already pretty good at this part of the challenge.

I started a new werewolf story. It's only about 3,000 words long so far and it's very, very rough. It needs a lot more detail and mood spun into it, as, right now, it is still very basic. It's almost like a slightly-more-detailed-than-average outline.

Despite this, I have shared it with some select friends and family members. I know it's far from perfect right now. But I wanted to let them get a feel for the type of story it will be, the type of story it is becoming.

Even in the ugliest sight, one can find traces of beauty.

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