Monday, June 18, 2012


This is my post for Day 12 of the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge.

15 Habits of Great Writers Day 12 Provoke

"The challenge

You already know what you need to do. Take a risk. Write something provocative and stand by it. Yes, you may make a few people mad, but you’ll also liberate those locked in self-doubt and fear.

Write something bold, something that moves us. Then share it."

I would gladly take on this challenge, but I really cannot think of anything "bold" to write right now. I mostly write fiction novels, so I am not sure why I would want to write something that would make people mad anyway.

Or maybe I am not really understanding this challenge. It's totally possible that, having been awakened hours earlier than necessary this morning by my two youngest children, my brain has been muddled enough through sleep deprivation that I am unable to wrap my mind around even simple concepts.

I have two posts in the planning stages for my Mommies of More blog and my Princess Parade blog on two topics that mean a lot to me. One is about bullying; its main point is that while a bully is attempting to make people respect him or her, they only manage to make people fear him or her and fear will never translate to respect. The other one is about raising boys to respect women. The main point being that while it's great that we want to raise our girls to respect themselves and to expect respect from the men in their lives, that isn't enough to change things; we have to raise boys to respect women too.

Maybe those two posts would have been thought-provoking enough and would move people enough to be in line with this challenge, but those posts are still in the idea and development stage. And I am not writing on those blogs for this challenge anyway. I can't really think of any topic on the subject of writing (the subject of this blog) that would seem provocative to me.

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