Sunday, June 10, 2012


This is my post for Day 5 of the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge.

15 Habits of Great Writers Day 5 prepare

"The challenge

See #1. Ship it. Put something out there, anything. Don’t wait; move something forward.

You don’t need to know everything, just the next step. If it’s a big project, you don’t have to finish the whole thing; just finish part of it. But for crying out loud, do something.

Then tell us about it."

This is something I have been working on for most of the year. My novels are not finished yet, but I have started the process of getting what is written so far critiqued and revised.  I've done my best to start entering my short stories into competitions and challenges to see if anything will come of it and to improve on my writing through the practice.

My newest project is the non-fiction one that is really still in the idea stage right now. It will be written as something to complement my weight loss, fitness and healthy living blog Skinny Dreaming. I will happily take any suggestions anyone would like to leave me on how I should format the thing and on what types of content I should cover. My blog includes my weight loss story, inspirational stories about others' weight losses, informative articles on recent research into health and fitness, tips to aid with weight loss and healthy recipes.  Many people have suggested that I write this book, but writing a non-fiction book is a new experience for me, so I think I have been stuck in the planning stage for it for a little too long. And, as this is all about preparing and letting people know about what will be forthcoming from us, I will post about this project over on my Skinny Dreaming blog too.

The fiction book that is closest to completion is my children's chapter book, "The Magic Necklace." I wrote the book, realized it needed more story to it, so am adding in the finishing touches to the story before it goes into final edits. So, to move this forward, I will have the complete story, with the added in parts, done by the end of the weekend.

How are your writing projects coming along?

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