Saturday, June 16, 2012


This is my post for Day 10 of the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge.

15 Habits of Great Writers Day 10 Share

The challenge

Find someone whose message we need to hear and share it on your blog or via Twitter or Facebook. Wherever people are listening to you (even just a few), use that opportunity to talk about someone else.

This is another challenge that I already do regularly. When I find a blog post with a strong message that I feel should be shared, or when one of my friends writes and publishes another book, I share it on Facebook and Twitter and sometimes blog about it too.

One of those friends is Barbara Mack (also known as Barbara Rose).  I met Barbara many years ago when we were both on-line shopkeepers and designers with a print-on-demand company. (We both still are on-line shopkeepers and designers.) She has been a faithful friend and I am constantly amazed by her intelligence, her writing ability and her generous heart. She has cookbooks, historical romance novels, a vampire novel and a YA novel available on Amazon.

A newer friend of mine is Jo Michaels. Jo and I met through the Author Blog Challenge. She is one of those giving people who has been commenting on not just all of my blog posts during the challenge, but other blog posts by me not related to the challenge and others' blog posts for the challenge as well. She has written a children's chapter book called The Abigale Chronicles. She has also written a historical fiction novel called Yassa.

I have several friends who have recently seen their way into publication. Justin Bogdonovitch (aka Justin Bog) has published his collection of short stories called Sandcastle and Other Stories.  Not only is he a terrific writer, but he is also a generous soul who always has kind things to say about everyone. He has the most gorgeous dogs, and you can see more of them and other posts by Justin on his blog.

Tonya Cannariato recently published her book Dust to Blood. She is also a blogger and I love reading her posts. She reviews books and she has a really funny sense of humor. I recommend having a read through her blog. She's also a generous soul who is willing to help out her friends and never ask for anything in return. (There's a theme to my friends in that way; they are all clever, talented and kind-hearted.)

I know this is getting a little long-winded for a blog post. I have so many friends who are talented, creative, clever and sweet. (Lucky me, right?) So I will just briefly name a few more. There's Jane Isaac and her book An Unfamiliar Murder. There's Nicole Cook who is constantly tantalizing me with delicious recipes on her blog The Daily Dish Recipes. There's Erica Lucke Dean who is blogging her book Tales of the DayWalkers. There's Kelly Stone Gamble who is writing her historical novels, The Hoover Dam Trilogy. There's Dionne Lister and her novel Shadows of the Realm. There's Kriss Morton who has recently had her short story published in an anthology, and shares awesome recipes (usually involving bacon), Alaskan photography and book reviews. There's also Jeff Bennington who does Kindle Book Reviews and has many books to his name already.

Believe it or not, I could go on with even more friends to list who are just as talented, intelligent and wonderful as the ones I have already listed, but I know this blog post is already getting too long. So I may just have to share the rest at a later date. Please do go and check out all of these people and their books and blogs. They are all so talented that I promise it will be worth your time.

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