Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Win a Kindle Fire or Amazon $200 Gift Card


Winwithebooks.com is giving away another Kindle Fire (or $200 Amazon Gift Card) Feb. 12-15! Sign up for the newsletter at winwithebooks.com or ‘like’ the Winwithebooks Facebook page to be reminded to enter.

*no purchase necessary to win*

Earn extra chances to win by e-mailing a link to your review of one of the 20 books listed to winwithebooks@yahoo.com (which can be used for a future event).

Earn extra chances to win by posting about the event and e-mailing your link to winwithebooks@yahoo.com. 20 eBooks are sponsoring the event so earn extra chances to win by purchasing a $.99 ebook!

Authors email winwithebooks@yahoo.com if you’re interested in the next winwithebooks event.

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Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Great interview, thanks for sharing!
Also, you are now the proud owner of a Liebster award. Congratulations! Now you have to pass it on to five other worthy bloggers and list five things about yourself. Enjoy! x