Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Advertising - Writer's Reveal February 2014

This month's Writer's Reveal topic is "advertising."

I'm really not a fan of advertising. I don't like watching advertisements on the television. I don't like getting advertisements in my e-mail inbox. I don't like those advertisements that show up on Facebook. I really, really hate SPAM.

How then, am I supposed to "sell" my books? If I don't like advertising, then what am I supposed to do in order to insure that people hear about my books or find out about my blog posts?

Honestly, I have no idea. I post about them on my blogs, but,as they are my blogs, my readers expect to read about my books from time to time. I have links to my books or my blogs in my e-mail signature.

I might mention my books and blogs to my friends sometimes, on Facebook, Twitter and in real life, but I make sure not to mention them too often. After all, I have the friends that I have because I LIKE them, and, I hope, they like me. The only way for this mutual like to happen is for us to know a lot about one another and to share things with each other. I share about my interests, about my family and about the things that make me ME. I share about my life more than I share about my books.

I share my friends' books and blog posts, because I know that they probably encounter the same difficulties with this whole "advertising" thing that I do. And sometimes, they share my books with their friends, or they share my blog posts.

But this "advertising" thing? It's not really for me.

What's your answer to the subject of advertising and how to get the word out about your writing?


And now, with that topic dealt with above, I am going to "advertise" two writing challenges that I run, one in March and one in April.

Write a first draft of an early reader, chapter book, middle grade book or YA novel in the month of March, from March 1st through March 31st. Learn from guest posts by prominent authors and agents in the KidLit industry and get the chance to win a variety of each week.

Write the first draft of your book by blogging each chapter. (Actually posting it to your blog is voluntary). Write a chapter a day and finish your book in the month of April. Learn from daily blog posts on the topic and get the chance to win one of several prizes offered during the challenge. The challenge runs from April 1st through April 30th.

28 days of fitness challenges for you to follow. You can choose either beginner, intermediate or advanced level. The fitness challenges increase in intensity every day. Officially, the challenge started on February 5th, 2014, but you can join at any time, and, until March 5th, you will be eligible to win prizes. You can start at the beginning level and, after the first 28 days, you can start over again at the intermediate level and so on. The challenge will be available in book form sometime in the near future.


And while I am "advertising" my challenges, I would also like to share my friend Melissa's new project, Writing Prompts (for writers).

Weekly prompts for blog posts to share on your author blog.


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CA Clark said...

I see a lot of young authors caught up in the advertising drive to the detriment of their ability to spend time creating. They are distressed and driven to give interviews, go on radio shows, like and link and blog and twit and and when do they get time to actually write?I don't mind the idea of book signings and talks at schools but I would rather have a smaller percentage of the potential income and let some one else do the leg work of promotion. I want to write, other wise I would be in the advertising industry.

Unknown said...

I don't really care for advertising either, probably because I don't think I'd be very good at it. Unfortunately, we live in a time when at least a little marketing is absolutely necessary in order for our work to be noticed, so I know I'll have to get used to it in the future. Hopefully it won't be so bad!

Melissa said...

There is a difference between advertising and promotion. Generally, advertising is where you pay for ads, and promotion is getting the word out there.

There are opportunities for authors to advertise to promote their books, however, you need to choose your spots so you get the most bang for your buck (so to speak).

Ashley said...

Great post I agree completely!

Emily said...

Ah, advertising. That's what outsourcing is for! I used to know what I was doing in the world of advertising and marketing. A few years out of the game, and social media has taken over!

Rhianna said...

yes it must be so hard to work out how to get your name out there to people who don't know you. As many said on my post advertising is a necessary evil. Sigh. Wishing you well in navigating your way through it all

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

Word of mouth will get you a long way. I'm not a fan of advertising, don't watch it on TV, as only watch ABC or SBS. However, as a former print journalist I know that advertising revenue pays for editorial space! Great post :)