Thursday, November 14, 2013

Integrity - Writer's Reveal - November 2013

For this November's Writer's Reveal Topic, I was given the topic of: "What does integrity mean to you as a writer?" My Writer's Reveal Topic was given to me by Emily Morgan.

Right now, my head is so full of my NaNoWriMo novel writing (which I am behind on) and creating the Jingle Bells anthology (which I'm nearly finished doing) that it is difficult for me to wrap my mind around another topic at the moment.

For a really quick covering of the topic:

- Writing integrity is about writing only what I feel the need to write when I write my fiction, not writing something that will work for the market, but writing something that calls to me and begs me to write it.

- Writing integrity is about being honest when writing reviews, even when I am friends with the author of the book I am reviewing.

- Writing integrity is about making my story the best I can make it, because I want the readers to love it, and I don't want to give them less than my best.

- Writing integrity is about spending time, long, sometimes tedious, TIME, sitting at the computer and WRITING - every day.

- Writing integrity is about meeting the deadlines I commit to.

- What would you add to this list?


The the other writers in Writer's Reveal are:


Unknown said...

It might be quick but I liked your points. I would add in there not writing in support of something you are morally against just for money. Or not writing something that would fool someone else into thinking things that weren't true, for money. Guess I"m thinking of some writing jobs I've turned down recently! Thanks for joining in, I know how busy you are!

Unknown said...

Great list! I agree with all the points you made. For me, writing integrity is about writing what you love and believe in, rather than "selling out" to write only what others would have you create. Writing should always come from the heart!

Emily said...

Yep. Great list, and I like what Emily has added above. I said no to a paid opportunity recently for those exact reasons.

Thanks for meeting those deadlines on Writers Reveal even though you're so busy! Hooray for integrity.