Thursday, November 7, 2013

#NaNoWriMo Week One

The first week of NaNoWriMo is over now and we are all about to begin Week Two. How was your first week? Is this your first time joining in the National Novel Writing Month challenge or are you an old hand at it?

I’m told that the second week is when things start to get difficult for writers. We’ve begun with enthusiasm in the first week, but now we are heading toward the middle of our story and we have to figure out how to get from the beginning to the end in a plausible and still exciting way. If you are one of those people who plots out your whole story in advance, then maybe this week is not so difficult for you. Or if you are writing a novel with lots of twists and turns and oodles of subplots, then this might not be too difficult for you.

I’m one of the people who doesn’t plot in advance and keeps myself interested with many subplots and exciting twists and turns in the story. However, I find that I start to wain in enthusiasm, normally, when I am reaching the end of my novels. Often, I am undecided on exactly how I am going to end the story, which causes me problems. This year is different though. I feel as though the writing coming from me, ever since the first 3,000 or so words, is not very good. I feel as though I am having to forc the words out. I think it’s time for me to have something completely unexpected (and yet still plausible) happen to my main character. What do you think?


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