Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Erik! - Ask the Castle Guard

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Ask the castle guard:

The most likely guard to ask would be the one guarding the drawbridge. He would have seen anyone who had entered or left the castle.

Erik headed for the huge wooden door and the drawbridge. As he approached, the guard drew his sword. It was uncomfortably long and pointy-looking. “Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe?”

“Friend. You know I live here. Don’t you remember me?”

The guard squinted at him.  "Well, now you mention it, you do look vaguely familiar.  Lucky for you I have a mind like a steel trap. I remember everyone who comes in and everyone who goes out, and everyone who lands in the moat.”

“I’m looking for someone who came in, and may have gone out as well,” Erik said.

“Ask me anything. I know everything that goes on in this castle and then some,” said the guard, puffing out his chest to make him seem more important than ever.

“Good. My birthday present box was empty, and I need to find the person that took the present. Have you seen any suspicious characters around?” Erik crossed his fingers behind his back, hoping the guard could tell him right away where his present was.

“I see suspicious characters every day of my life. You look a little suspicious, yourself. Are you sure you didn’t just hide your present in hopes of getting another one as well?” The guard looked at him through narrowed eyes.

Erik rolled his eyes. “Of course I didn’t! I just want to find my one real present! It’s missing, I tell you.”

“Well, if you say so. But I haven’t seen any loose presents walk by. You need to ask the cook. She has a finger in every pot that goes in or out. She cooks things up in all sorts of ways. She will know what you need to know.” The guard turned from Erik and began to march back and forth in front of the big wooden door.

If Erik heads for the castle kitchen to ask the cook, go HERE.

If Erik asks a different guard, go HERE. 

(organized by Susanna Leonard Hill)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this! Merry Christmas! :)

Julie Rowan-Zoch said...

Love the guard saying 'you do look vaguely familiar'! Great passage! This has been more fun that I was able to imagine! Happy Holidays Becky!

Robyn Campbell said...

Merry Christmas. This was unbelievably wonderful! :-)

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

What a clever idea. I love it.