Saturday, May 5, 2012

Once Upon a Time Anthology

Once Upon a Time Unexpected Fairytales

My flash fiction story "The Guardian" and Robert's flash fiction story "What Daddy Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him" will be available in an anthology of Unexpected Fairytales along with 88 other stories! It will be available as a print book or ebook! It will hopefully be ready in time to coincide with National Flash Fiction Day on 16th May (when the WINNERS of the contest these stories were entered into will also be announced).

These stories were all contest entries for the Once Upon a Time flash fiction contest of Unexpected Fairytales, hosted by Anna Meade from Yearning for Wonderland and Susi Holliday from SJI Holliday. They had 88 entries into the contest, and, with the inclusion of their own stories, that will make 90 stories for the anthology.

I have had a read through all of the stories in the competition, and I thought all of them were fantastic works of fiction that used fabulous wordplay and wonderfully creative imagination. Some of the stories were remakes of old fairytales with a twist, one was written as a poem, and some were completely new fairytales.

I will be sure to announce when the book is available for purchase, and I hope that you will go out and buy one!


Hannah Holt said...

Beautiful entry. I'm not sure how I missed it before. Congrats on the anthology! I hope you win. :)

Unknown said...

congratulations my love!! so excited to have a story in there with you.

Becky Fyfe said...

Thanks, Annie! And congrats to you too! I'm looking forward to seeing both of our stories in the anthology when I get my copy!