Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Bad Picture Book Blog Hop - Day2

The Bad Picture Book Blog Hop - Day 2 

Today marks the second day of The "Bad" Picture Book Blog Hop! "Bad" as in Picture books that were created in High School or before. This blog hop is just for fun and giggles. Dani Duck am the organizer of this blog hop.

Here is the list so far:

Feb 9  - Dani Duck http://daniduckart.blogspot.ca/
Feb 10- Becky Fyfe http://imaginecreatewrite.blogspot.ca/
Feb 11- Marcie Colleen http://writeroutine.blogspot.com
Feb 12- Mandy Yates http://www.childrensbookacademy.com/mondays-with-mandy-or-mira
Feb 13- Sylvia Liu www.sylvialiuland.com

Feb 16 Rachel Elizabeth Cole http://www.rachelelizabethcole.com/
Feb 17 Annina Wildermuth https://allmycharacters.wordpress.com/
Feb 18 Teresa MI Schaefer http://www.teresamischaefer.com/#!blog/c66p

Unfortunately, due to many moves over my lifetime (one overseas), I was unable to find any of the books I wrote when I was younger. But I can tell you about some of them.

I remember finding a piece of writing I did when I was around 10 or 11. I had written it soon after our family cat, Bibsy, had died. The story began with the death of my character's cat which left her heartbroken and then went on to become a monotonous litany of all of the animals, both domestic and wild that my character kept finding, helping and keeping as pets.

In junior high, I was required to write a picture book. I had no drawing ability. This was required of me on two separate occasions. The first one I wrote was a very forgettable story about a dog - the topic chosen because I could draw a very simple cartoon dog in only one pose. For the second one, I used my Polaroid camera. I knew a three year old girl who was absolutely adorable, so I dressed her up in rags and took pictures of her near a creek and wrote a really trite little story about a girl raised by wolves. I even had a dog to pose as one of the wolves in my photos - a sheltie. Ha!

If I ever do find those stories, I will come back and post some pictures from them here.  Trust me - you'll laugh!

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