Monday, July 1, 2013

Bella Blake - Creating a Female Superhero Challenge entry #CAFSC

This is an entry sent in by Jules Harley. It's being added in late, but she had it written on time; it's late because I posted it late, so it is being included in the competition.

photo courtesy of Fyfe Photography

Name - Jules Harley

 Word count - (Not including these details) 730

Anthology: Yes

Charity - Because I am a girl

Name of female superhero: Bella Blake

Name of human alter ego, if different: N/A

Superhero appearance: 15years old. Long straight chestnut hair with flame red streaks. Green eyes intense and burning. 5ft6 and slim build.

Human alter ego appearance (If she has an alter ego): N/A

Costume: Blue flared jeans, a white long sleeved shirt with the top two buttons undone, a black velvet waistcoat and a gold necklace with a small tear drop ruby. Black converse shoes.

Personality: She's a teenager and has the passion and attitude that you might expect from one. She is very caring and would do anything for her family and to protect her brother. It takes her a while to get on the right path with some ups and downs on the way. Fiery, protective and a braveness that almost goes to the point of stupidity. Direct and to the point.

Brief Description of how the super heroine gets her powers: She's born with them but they don't manifest until puberty. Her brother discovered his own ability age 14. Bella would probably have recognised hers at 13. No one else in their family have special abilities.

Powers: 'Extreme gardening'. Flowers grow beneath her feet as she walks. As she develops her talents she learns how to grow deadly plants, lethal thistles and even forests to lose people in.

Anything else important: Her ability is very mood based. I'm bi-polar and though I didn't want her to officially have any mental health issues, I have enjoyed her moodiness and exploring how her talents are effected by her feelings.

A walk in the woods
By Jules Harley

Bella walked along, looking at her feet as she did so. She loved what she could do and never tired of it. OK it wouldn't change peoples lives like her brothers ability did, but it was pleasing all the same. She liked to walk through the woods each day if she could. She found it relaxing and it kept her fit. She would take different routes. She knew many ways staying on the path and wander off it. When she'd had an emotional day, this was the only way she knew how to unwind. Of course anyone else walking the path after her would know her moods too. Blue bells and snap dragons if she's joyous. Roses in varying shades of red if she's in love. Daffodils and primroses when she's relaxed. Thistles and ragwort when she's angry, and snow drops if she's confused or anxious. Of course very few people knew what she could do to be able to make the link so she was safe.

Today the snowdrops appeared beneath her feet. She was indeed anxious. Her brothers ability had been found out by the authority’s and now they wanted to recruit him for the British Special Powers Army. They thought he would make a useful soldier and weren't giving him much of a choice. Bella's brother Stephen had the ability to share how he was feeling. If he touched your skin, then whatever emotion he was experiencing, you would enjoy or endure too. Right now, he was feeling sad and angry with the situation. Bella was avoiding his touch! She just wished there was something she could do.

She walked past the church yard. It was a mess. Weeds and debris and one lone man crouching in front of a new grave.

She glanced at the man and he glanced at her. Bella was surprised, it was the General from the BSPA. He looked distraught. Bella leaned down, grabbed a handful of Snowdrops and presented them to the General.
"Here," She said as she handed him the bunch, "The grave shouldn't be empty."

The General took a moment, then accepted the flowers with a smile and a small nod.

"You're Stephen Blake's younger sister, aren't you?"

Bella nodded her head.

"He's a good boy, your brother. He'll make a fantastic soldier."

"No he wouldn't." Her nod turned to a shake. "His ability, have you actually thought about it?"

"Well of course! We get any of our enemies to touch your brother and they'll be ours. Easy."

Bella sighed sadly.

"Depends what mood he's in though. If he's happy, then they'll feel happy. More to the point, if he's angry, maybe because he's being forced away from his family, then your enemies will feel that too and that could make things a whole lot worse."

She stopped talking, took a few more steps forward, picked a fresh bunch of snowdrops and put them on the grave next to the one the General stood by.

The General screwed his face up thoughtfully. A truth uncovered by a child. He said nothing.

Bella continued.

"For years the government tried to imprison those of us with special talents. Now we get forced into an army. We are just slaves to persons of normality. When are you going to learn that prejudice of people who are different in some way is wrong? Let us make up our own minds for these matters."

"Your saying, ask your brother to join us, and if he says no, then leave him be?"

Bella nodded and took another step towards the general.

"Leave him and take me instead!"

That took him by surprise.

"I'm sorry kid. Your talents nice and all, but I hardly think it will be useful in a battle!"

With that Bella closed her eyes in concentration. She took one more step, leaving her right beside the General. In front of them stood an 8ft thistle with razor sharp thorns.

"I can do that." She stated, "I can also grow a forest 20ft high, an impenetrable maze. You need me." She glared into his eyes, "My brother doesn't want to go, but I do. When are you going to let the minority have the right to choose?"

The General nodded, and Bella knew that now her life was really going to begin.


Lisa Shambrook said...

I have an affinity with flowers in my writing, so this really appealed to me! I also loved that she was ready to go and change her life, great writing Jules!

Unknown said...

What an extraordinary power and so beautifully written. I love how the flowers tell us her mood and how she can generate ones useful to the army. Very original and a fab read. xx