Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Week Into NaNoWriMo - Check In


Well, we are now seven days into National Novel Writing Month. this is my official check-in and I hope some of you will be willing to check-in by leaving a comment on how you are doing.

Last year, I blew past the 50,000 word count goal within 14 days. this year, I am trying to take it more slowly. Last year, I felt like I was going insane during those two weeks. the pressure to write all the time really started to get to me. this year, I still feel just as crazy, which I didn't think would happen with my slower pace.

I have written 15,385 words so far. I am averaging 2,197 words a day at this moment in time. At this rate, I will reach 50,000 words on November 22nd. If I keep up this pace, I will be at 65,916 words by November 30th. I might try and up that number to reach an even 70,000 words.

Here's a quick (and very unprofessional) synopsis of my story:

Marie is a single mom of four who finds herself helping a couple of guys who fight demons and spirits. She's blown away by meeting these guys and some of the creatures they hunt because it changes how she views her world and how safe she feels she can keep her children. She's not a demon hunter and has never before had any dealings with the paranormal; she's completely ordinary, or so she thinks until strange things start happening, suggesting she might have some inhuman powers of her own.

Please share in the comments about your word count so far and your story. How are you feeling about your progress at the moment? Do you like the story so far or do you already think it's terrible? (I'm caught somewhere between the two.)

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tmycann said...

I'm far behind, myself, given my school obligations, but I'm forcing myself to write at least a few hundred words per day. I'm hopeful that this weekend will be productive enough to catch up the 10K words I'm behind.